Valvoline Motor Oil oil recycling north vancouver

Can’t remember the last time you got an oil change? If you haven’t been following the owner’s manual of your vehicle, you could be putting your engine at risk. Read on to learn the signs that your ride might be in serious need of an oil change in North Vancouver. 

Strange noises Motor Oil at Express Care

No matter how high quality your oil might be, no lubricant lasts forever. Over time the oil loses viscosity, breaking down and wearing away. As a result, the lack of oil will cause metal on metal noise. Left for too long, insufficient oil can lead to some major and costly engine damage. 

Is your engine trying to tell you something? If you hear weird knocking sounds coming from your engine, bring your vehicle in to Express Care immediately. Our certified technicians will top up your ride with the best products in the business. 

Warning light comes on

If your oil light comes on, don’t ignore it. This important signal will not only warn you when it is time for an oil change, but also lets you know if the oil levels are low. 

If you notice an oil indicator light illuminating on your dashboard, make plans for an immediate oil change at Express Care. The last thing any car owner wants is to deal with a seized engine. 

Rough idling

One of the signs you need an oil change is rough idling. Without enough oil, friction between pistons, rings, and bearings can cause your engine to shake. 

Don’t subject your car to tougher than normal idling. With a premium oil change in North Vancouver, your engine and your neck will thank you. 

Sluggish acceleration

Has your car’s get-up-and-go, got-up-and-went?  Old and dirty oil can compromise your engine’s performance, causing sluggish acceleration. 

You have invested a lot in your vehicle. Getting regular oil changes from Express Care will give your car’s engine the zip in needs to provide optimal acceleration.


Exhaust smoke

Does your exhaust pipe spew out nasty fumes? It could be a sign you need an oil change. Small amounts of clear vapor exiting the exhaust is normal. But if your car is trailing a cloud of smoke each time your engine is running, visit your neighbourhood oil change facility. 

If your exhaust is smoking, bring your vehicle to Express Care—your local, family owned and operated oil change facility in North Vancouver. 

When it comes time to replacing the lubricant, trust the pros at Express Care for all your oil change needs in North Vancouver.