Express Oil Change North Vancouver - Cheap Oil and Lube for Car

Express Oil Change North Vancouver - Cheap Oil and Lube for Car

Getting an oil change is the smartest and simplest thing you can do to keep your car happily humming along. Still, many folks neglect to do it, opening the door to breakdowns and repairs. Think skimping on regular oil changes is no big deal? Whether you’ve got a shiny new car or a vintage ride, here are five reasons why a professional oil change in North Vancouver is super important.

Extends the engine life

All it takes is routine oil changes to add extra years to your car. Debris and dirt in the oil can add unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. Regular oil changes will not only flush out buildup from the engine, but also boost performance and prevent breakdowns.

Improves gas mileage

Did you know that getting regular oil changes can improve gas mileage? Grimy, grungy, and gritty oil can force your engine to work harder, creating friction inside the engine. Replacing old oil with some fresh fluid will reduce friction, and that will help your engine run more smoothly and efficiently, upping the mileage and saving you money.

Prevents engine overheating

Taking your car in for a professional oil change in North Vancouver is one of the top ways to keep your engine cool. The internal moving parts of your engine work hard and fast, producing a lot of friction. Over time, dirt and sludge causes oil to lose viscosity, impacting engine performance and causing overheating, breakdowns, and costly repairs.

Keeps the engine clean

A clean engine is a healthy one. It is only a matter of time before dirt and debris begins to accumulate in the oil. And when that happens, sludge is going to get into your engine, causing blockages and damage. Regular oil and filter changes prevent dirt and other particles from building up, keeping the engine clean and running smoothly.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

Rising air pollution is a serious threat to the planet and us. The dirtier oil gets, the more emissions it will create. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, getting a professional oil change is a smart and easy way to help minimize the impact on the environment.

Can’t be bothered with DIY oil changes? At Express Care, our certified technicians will not only change your oil, but also provide a FREE 21-point inspection, ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top shape.

For a quick and easy oil change in North Vancouver, contact us today!